Helping Students Make Beautiful Music: An SJC Case Study

SJC strives to provide the best outcomes possible by tailoring fundraising strategies to every client. Here’s one project we loved helping with!

During a three-year consulting contract with SJC, the Lynn Public School district approached us about a fundraising need in the Fine Arts Department: new instruments for their well-known band and orchestra programs.

Many students couldn’t afford to purchase or rent their own instruments, and while the district lent out lots of instruments, some were very old and worn. The lack of access to properly functioning instruments was especially problematic for students who showed great aptitude and had aspirations to pursue an undergraduate degree in music.

The goal: Identify new funding sources to purchase and rent instruments for Lynn students’ use. 

After many discussions with the Fine Arts department chair, SJC created a case for support that detailed why this funding need was important; explained the significant role the band and orchestra played in hundreds of students’ lives; and specified the instruments needed and budget required.

Then, SJC researched many foundations to find possible funder matches. We came across a private foundation that perfectly aligned with our needs: They quietly make grants to help school districts purchase, repair, and rent instruments!

Working closely with the department chair, SJC crafted a detailed proposal, coordinated and participated in discussions with the funder, and offered behind-the-scenes strategies to the school district in working with the funder.

The result: We secured a $61,000 grant from the foundation to purchase and rent numerous new instruments for students’ use! For the first time in years, the Fine Arts department’s instruments reflect the exceptional music instruction provided.

By partnering with SJC, mission-driven organizations gain the tools, planning, and knowledge they need to fulfill their goals. How can we help you?

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