4 keys to making a case for support

Whether developing content for a capital campaign case statement or your spring mail appeal, a strong case for support must be at the center of your work. The case must explain why someone should donate to your nonprofit. It seems easy enough to do, but can be tricky to execute well.

Use these four keys as a guideline when crafting a case for support:

1. Write clearly and concisely.
Sometimes folks equate "case" with flowery or grandiose language. Would you give to a cause that's easy or hard to understand? How long would you spend trying to decipher the content? Make it as easy as possible for your reader to get it. Worry less about length and more about strength.

2. Write for the donor. Your board may want you to talk about improved patient outcomes, but will that resonate with an outsider? Perhaps "improved patient outcomes" becomes "the best care for you and your loved ones."

3. Combine business and emotion. How will donations strengthen your organization's ability to carry out its mission, both in quantitative and qualitative terms? Wrap the human element around your data to illustrate your nonprofit's balance of compassion and strategy. Explain how your activities improve the lives of those you serve.

4. Tie the need back to your mission. Let's say you're writing a case for support to fund a new building. Why is that new building critical to your nonprofit's core work? How will it enable you to help more people in the community? Or maybe you seek money to expand an adult literacy program. How does this program further your org's purpose?

In summary, keep it simple and clear, and tell a good story backed by data. A strong case for support plus a great nonprofit equals a high likelihood of funding success! Good luck.

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