Back to basics

Let's face it: fundraising can be stressful. We face the pressure of reaching goal while juggling the varied needs and expectations of internal parties (bosses, boards, practitioners) and external constituents (donors, volunteers).

When times get tough, go back to the basics. What motivates us as nonprofit fundraisers in the first place? I'd like to offer five factors.

1. Fundraising is a great way to make a difference

2. We like meeting interesting people and building relationships

3. We're goal-oriented.

4. The cause we fundraise for may have personal meaning for us.

5. Our world needs nonprofits. We believe this sincerely and want to help sustain them.

I encourage you to jot down some of your own reasons for being a fundraiser. Tack the list on your bulletin board or stick it in your wallet. When you're feeling overwhelmed, take a minute to revisit your list. It will help, I promise!

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