When to thank donors: 3 touchpoints

When should you thank donors? It may be a bit more often than you think!

1. As soon as a gift is made. Send a personalized acknowledgment letter (with necessary tax language). Call the donor when you receive the check for an added touch.

2. Two to three times per year. Make donors feel loved and appreciated all year long. These can be small thank you's: a handwritten holiday card, an invitation to a stewardship event, or a quick phone call to share a tidbit of new info about your nonprofit and to remind them that their gift continues to have impact.

3. Even when they say "no." Whether an individual, company, or foundation, it's important to thank the potential donor for their consideration. If it's possible to get feedback as to why you were turned down for funding, that's great, but the main point is to graciously thank them for their time and review. 

In what big or small ways do you thank donors to your nonprofit?

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