Fundraise Well Episode 5: Corporate fundraising tips

Corporations are an important source--though certainly not the largest source!--of charitable dollars in the US. Yet corporations are most likely to seek quid pro quo, or certain benefits, in exchange for giving to your nonprofit organization. [BTW, this is totally fine and above-board! We're not talking bribes or kickbacks or anything. :) ]

When trying your hand at corporate fundraising, remember that companies want marketing and visibility. Give them ways to show the greater community that they are giving back, and that they're connected to the needs and neighborhoods around them. 

To that end, it's critical to let companies know what's in it for them by offering them tangible benefits such as:

  • Event sponsorships
  • "Naming" a certain program or space at your facility
  • Inviting their employees to volunteer at your site
Be sure to explain how each benefit will help the company to raise awareness and visibility of both their brand and their employees' involvement in the community.


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