5 more online must-reads for fundraisers and nonprofit leaders

A few months ago, I shared a list of my five favorite go-to online resources for news, tips, and trends about fundraising and the nonprofit sector.  The list proved so popular that I'd love to share five more gems.  Peruse these sites and then consider subscribing to their e-newsletters. You can also follow them on Twitter.  Happy learning!

1. FundRaising Success magazine (@frsuccess): Excellent rundown of key nonprofit and fundraising news. Also includes great tips and tricks, and hosts a major virtual conference annually!

2. Freelance Folder (@freelancefolder): Contains useful and practical nuggets of info for freelancers and non-freelancers alike.  Recent examples include Wordpress tips/trends and overcoming procrastination. 

3. Getting Attention blog (@nancyschwartz): Helps nonprofits succeed through effective marketing. Check out their incredible nonprofit online tagline database for a dose of creative inspiration.

4. The NonProfit Times (@nonprofittimes): Billed as the leading business publication for nonprofit management.  A section called Management Tips is organized by several areas of expertise. Get advice on everything from leadership skills to campaign readiness. Sign up for one of their five free e-newsletters! 

5. Tiny Buddha (@tinybuddha): We all need a moment of Zen from time to time, a deeper reminder as to why we do the work we do. I'm a big fan of the Quotes section on their website, which is categorized by words like "Challenges," "Perspective," and "Passion." 

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