5 online must-reads for fundraisers and nonprofit leaders

As an independent fundraising consultant, staying abreast of fundraising/nonprofit trends is more important to me than ever. When I worked in large Development offices and saw colleagues throughout the day, we'd exchange bits of news frequently. 

Today, even though my office manager/cat Ella tries hard to teach me the ways of the world (i.e., eating treats and sleeping), we're just not on the same wavelength professionally.  Kidding aside, I'm very fortunate to maintain a great network of colleagues but I certainly don't talk shop with them as much as I would in a traditional work setting.  

What's a self-employed girl to do?  I absorb as much as I can online about what's up right now in the nonprofit world.  It makes me a more knowledgeable, useful and well-versed consultant.

Five of my regular go-to online resources are:

1. Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest:  A great place to find out what's happening in the world of foundation fundraising, as soon as it happens.  Also check out their Twitter feed.

2. The Chronicle of Philanthropy "Today's News" section:  The webpage is organized by helpful sections such as Philanthropy Today, Government & Politics Watch, Social Philanthropy and Prospecting.  Whatever your specific fundraising interest is, the Chronicle covers it!  I love their Twitter page, too.

3. Nonprofit Quarterly: This resource is chock-full of fundraising news, tips, how-tos and advice, from issues in nonprofit management to raising money via text messaging.  Again, love the Twitter page.

4. Talent Culture: Okay, so this isn't exactly a philanthropy or nonprofit-specific site, but it continually offers gems of wisdom related to leadership, current workplace trends, and social media -- tips that easily transfer to the nonprofit sector.  Don't forget to follow them on Twitter.

5. Harvard Business Review: I love it for the same reason as Talent Culture: it consistently provides interesting food for thought in management and unique ways of looking at the work world writ large.  Get a daily dose of HBR wisdom on Twitter.

The majority of these sites have e-newsletter sign-up options. Check 'em out!

What are your favorite online resources related to fundraising and nonprofits? 

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