Tiplet: Web Presence

It's been a while since I posted the first tiplet, which I've defined as follows:
tiplet. n. 
1. Three pieces of brief advice provided in relation to the same topic.
2. A "triplet" of tips.
Today's tiplet focuses on strengthening your nonprofit's web presence. (A great webinar presented by Guidestar today inspired and informed this list. Follow @katyaN4G on Twitter!)
1. Keep it simple. Instead of jamming 15 images onto your nonprofit's home page, post one poignant photo or image that encapsulates your mission.
2. Be responsive. It's not enough to simply have a Facebook page; you've got to interact with and respond to your FB fans--whether their posts on your page are good, bad or ugly.
3. Build your pool of e-vangelists. Friends often give to friends, not to an organization that's unknown to them. Cultivate the individuals who already believe in your mission and encourage them to get their friends and acquaintances connected to you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and anywhere else you may be workin' on the web!

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