Tiplet: The Thank-You Letter

As you know, I love to put the fun in fundraising, hence the cordoned-off "d" in the title of this blog.

I also love to give quick tips, so I'm launching a blog series called Tiplet. I have just invented this word. Here's what it means:

tiplet. n. 
1. Three pieces of brief advice provided in relation to the same topic.
2. A "triplet" of tips.

The world's first tiplet focuses on the thank-you letter that you'd send after receiving a gift from a donor.

1. Just thank. Don't ask for a favor, don't ask for more money. Just thank.

2. Keep it concise and cordial.  

3. Handwrite something. Send a handwritten thank-you note or, if the acknowledgment letter is typed, handwrite a quick "Thank you so much" at the bottom of the letter after you sign your name.

Tiplet, out!

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