Who needs fundraising?

Most nonprofits, that's who! And some find themselves carrying it out in some fashion--through social media, proposals, galas, letters--but often with little knowledge of the technical side of fundraising.

Fundraising is a science and an art. You might be a great people person but you may not know how to move someone through the solicitation process...or what the heck that even means.

Cue the consultant! A good consultant will listen to you, learn about your goals, and work with you and your staff to increase knowledge and maximize your chances of raising the money your organization needs.

My work runs the gamut from advising nonprofits on how to ramp up or tweak their funding efforts, to training their Development staff or other team members on particular aspects of the field, to completing specific projects on behalf of the group.

You know your nonprofit better than anyone. I know a lot about fundraising. We're meant to be!

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