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3 guiding principles for fundraising in the COVID-19 era

Whether or not your nonprofit organization is responding directly to the COVID-19 crisis, your nonprofit is essential.
Let me repeat: Your nonprofit is essential. 
Your org was created to fill a critical gap in our world. Your mission remain important and your efforts remain needed. 
So, how can you forge ahead with fundraising in these uncertain times to sustain your work? 
Here are three guiding principles, which have come up time and again on numerous webinars I've attended, articles I've read, and conversations I've had with clients and fellow consultants over the past several weeks.
First, stay open, clear, and vulnerable about what your nonprofit is doing, how it's pivoting, and what it needs in order to meet today's challenges. Let the general public and your constituents in on how you're continuing to live your mission. What obstacles have you overcome--and which ones are still in the way? How have you and your team transformed your daily work to help others…

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