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6 more tips for striking out on your own

Back in the day, I marked Sarah J Consulting's first and second anniversaries with blog posts about entrepreneurship and how to create your own consulting business successfully.

More than six years in (!), it's high time to offer new tips--one for each year of SJC--to help you forge your self-employment path.

Whether you're interested in hanging out your own shingle or simply curious about how SJC manages its daily work, please read on!

1. Embrace what you know and own what you don't. No consultant can be all things to all people. Which abilities, skills, and expertise areas are your strongest? Focus on those and scrap the rest. Identify and lean into your niche; success will follow.

2. Speak up. If a client's project direction or idea worries you, tell them. If a plan just isn't working, say so and course correct. Consultants should be honest, authentic, and vulnerable, always prioritizing their clients' best interests--even if it means (tactfully and diplomat…

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