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4 main ingredients for an effective fundraising assessment

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Sarah J Consulting LOVES working on fundraising assessments for nonprofit organizations! We also love sharing what we know about how to conduct these Development audits (see here and here for starters). 

Today, we'd like to talk about four main ingredients that should go into every nonprofit fundraising assessment. An experienced fundraising consultant will combine these ingredients into an in-depth, actionable report of findings and recommendations.
Here are SJC's four ingredients for conducting an effective nonprofit fundraising assessment:

1. Giving analysis. Review donation results from at least the last 2-3 fiscal years. Look at overall giving totals and at individual donations. Which donors appear to be the most generous? Which donor types need work? (For example, do you have lots of annual giving donors but hardly any foundation grants?) Have any significant donors dropped off from making gifts? Don't be afraid to sl…

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