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Not "Just" Writers: An SJC Case Study

Sarah J Consulting helps mission-driven organizations to tackle a wide array of Development communications projects.

From major gift proposals to case statements and articles celebrating donors' generosity, these assignments require us to work effectively with donors, CEOs, board members, managers, and other key constituents on the client’s behalf.

In this sense, we’re not “just” writers. We’re trusted partners who help advance our clients’ relationships with their most cherished constituents: their donors, potential donors, and leaders.

Sarah once flew from MA to FL and back for a one-hour meeting with a client’s major philanthropic donor. True story!

The nonprofit wanted to steward the donor by featuring her in an article that profiled her philanthropic legacy. To achieve the highest touch possible, the client arranged for SJC to interview the donor in person, alongside the institution’s leaders, at the donor's home in Florida.

Sarah hopped on a morning plane from Boston, met…

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